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Could there be anything similar to fatty foods? Foods that literally melt the fat on your thighs, and that sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

However, you continue to hear and read about foods from which you lose weight when you eat them. Therefore, I will deal with this myth in this article. For you to understand what is really going on, I will explain to you below

  • Where does the fat burning myth come from?
  • What should be fatty foods
  • Which 5 Products Are Really Applicable

Where did the “fat burning” myth come from?

Almost everyone with a problem is looking for the simplest possible solution. This means that, on the other hand, possible solutions are always presented as simply as possible so that they are easy to consume / sell.

In addition, the need to find tricks and abbreviations often means that things are more or less interpreted, consciously or unconsciously. As a result, very small effects appear completely exaggerated.

For example, pineapple, grapefruit or papaya suddenly become food with perceived negative energy balance due to their (possibly) digestive and / or fat-burning enzymes, although the effect is nowhere near so great that it is added. May balance calories.

It is sometimes pushed even harder if eggs or nuts are called fat burning foods because they can positively influence eating behavior and nutrient intake.

Nuts and eggs can certainly be healthy foods in your diet, but you shouldn’t overlook calories because they are really important if you want to lose weight.

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What Fat Burning Products Do

Does this mean there is no such thing as fatty foods?

Strictly speaking, such foods should have a negative calorie balance. Thus, consumption should result in you burning more calories than you consumed with food / drink.

So the question is, what do you define as food. If we take the definition from Wikipedia, unlike food, food does not have to contain healthy macronutrients. Therefore, I would say that there are a handful of foods that can be called fat burning foods.

However, it is really quite difficult to find fatty foods.

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Really fatty foods

After some thought and research, I found 5 (strictly speaking, only 4) products that actually fit this definition. I would like to briefly introduce them to you in the following.


Coffee has a bad reputation. In small amounts, there is even some evidence that it can have positive effects on concentration and health. Of course, the quality of the coffee is probably just as important.

Coffee has been shown to slightly speed up metabolism and therefore increase calorie intake. Unfortunately, the body quickly gets used to increasing the effect in large doses, and possible side effects allow me to advise you not to overdo it with coffee in order to lose weight faster.

Since coffee contains practically no calories and leads to an acceleration of metabolism (albeit small and short-term), this defines it as a fatty food. Of course, you must drink black coffee for this. With cappuccino, the extra calories from milk already outweigh the effect.

I have to admit that I’m not a big coffee connoisseur myself and that I only drink coffee at work … or when I’m in Vienna, but that’s a different story!

I personally prefer the following hot drink:

green tea

Green tea has an invigorating effect and increases metabolism. For this reason, I also believe that green tea extract is one of the few sensible so-called fat burners that I generally consider a waste of money.

In addition, there are indications that the tannins in green tea may reduce the accumulation of body fat. There are actually some promising studies out there on this issue. Of course, no special effect can be expected here either.

However, it is imperative that unsweetened green tea contains virtually no calories. Even a small positive effect on fat burning makes green tea a real fat burning food. Plus, green tea still has positive effects on overall health due to its antioxidant effects.

Good quality is always important when it comes to green tea. This is why I usually order Bio Sencha Green Tea from Biotiva *. The price / quality ratio is unbeatable.

cold water

To raise the temperature of one liter of water by one degree Celsius, you need to expend one kilocalorie of energy. This means that if you drink a liter of water at 10 ° C, your body uses about 26 kcal to warm it up to body temperature (36 ° C). While not much, water has no calories. This makes it a fatty food.

ein glas kaltes wasser kann ein echt gesunder und natuerlicher energiebooster sein

There are many good reasons Drink more (cold) water!

Since most people drink too little anyway, it makes sense to start at this point twice. Therefore, be sure to drink 3 liters of water a day, whether you want to lose weight or not!

ice cream

Sorry, I don’t mean ice cream. I mean frozen water. The fact is that the greater the temperature difference that the body must overcome, the greater the energy consumption.

This is why I only announced 4 products above. But you’ll soon see why there are still 5 left:

Lack of ice cream doesn’t mean you can’t get delicious negative calorie ice cream. Especially in summer, when the temperature is hot, it’s nice to try something like instant bolero powder * conjure a delicious water ice cream that’s practically no calories. Strictly speaking, this ice cream even has negative calories because the body must use energy to heat it up to body temperature. Definitely a great summer alternative.

chili pepper

Chili peppers or chili powder are practically calorie-free in edible quantities. The capsaicin it contains is said to stimulate digestion and burn fat. The second is probably mainly due to the extra body heat generated by consumption.

The effect doesn’t seem to be particularly great, but it’s enough to list the chili here in this list.

That’s it with some really fatty foods that I could find. If you know or find anything else from this list, please write to me in the comments, then I’ll add it.


I think it’s good to see what foods can help you lose weight. After all, there are certain things that you must do on your diet and there are more than others. However, you should not rely on the effects of any miracle drug. This also includes so-called fatty foods.

Do not try to find the easiest possible way, bending and breaking, but follow the path that has proven several times that it can lead you to success:

And of course, make sure you are regularly in a calorie deficit!

You can do this by consuming fewer calories or exercising, thereby increasing energy turnover. I would always advise you to combine both. I would not recommend losing weight without exercise. After all, you probably don’t just want to lose weight, but also want to have an attractive body to achieve certain muscles. You can only do this through exercise and nutrition.


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And don’t forget: your health is your health.

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