Good habits

I often meet people who seem to have stones in their path in life. Nothing they want to do, they succeed. They continue to talk about their dreams, their goals and plans. But in the same breath I hear a lot of excuses why they haven’t been able to reach their goals yet or why they haven’t even been able to start with it

Don’t be one of these people and learn to incorporate valuable, positive habits into your life. Put your habits on autopilot and let them help you get closer to your goals. Getting over your inner bastard isn’t really that hard if you understand the most important principle your subconscious is working on. The function of your subconscious mind that I am talking about is called a habit.

If you want something, you will find ways. If you don’t want something, you will find the reasons.

Especially in the sports and fitness environment, you often hear statements such as: “I would like to run more, but I can always pull myself together” or “I would do more sports, but I just lack motivation.”

Yes, motivation is a very sensitive topic. If you are not motivated, then there is nothing you can do about it. You also have to motivate and pull yourself up and down over and over to get things done, and it’s really exhausting. You definitely need a lot of discipline and strong will, and who has these things? Before you start doing something that you give up halfway through, you can leave it alone. Or ?!

If there was just one simple trick to motivate you. That is to say, a life hack with which you can program yourself to do what you want to do. I think this trick really exists. After reading this article, you will understand the simple principle behind it and can use it to help you achieve your goals faster.

Just do it

The first step is the easiest. It gets more and more difficult the longer you wait and think you should be well prepared. So don’t wait until you are sufficiently motivated or learn to motivate yourself. Don’t wait until you have the perfect plan. You want to achieve something, so take the first step now.

The reason the first step is so difficult is often because you see it as part of a long and difficult journey. Therefore, it is better to see him than he is, just the first step. This way, you can start without putting too much pressure on yourself. Ultimately it matters if you want to be athletic or want to change your life in any way.

Let’s say you want to lose weight by running and therefore plan to start running. If you see your first run in the morning, just run in the morning is really easy. It doesn’t have to be a big round. It’s even better if you do a small round first. Small changes often have the greatest long-term impact.

Do it again

You ran for the first time, and then everything was fine with you. It wasn’t particularly hard to motivate you to do this. After all, everyone can run. You must be proud to take the first step.

So what is against doing the same thing again? Just do something a second time, so that later you will feel better and get a little closer to your goals. So put on your sneakers and do it again.

Do this within 30 days

Now you have proven that you can. You can overcome your laziness and motivate yourself to run. You’ve already done the important part. I hope you have learned this principle.

Now you only need to repeat this 28 more times. You can do that too. The first time was the hardest. In hindsight, it wasn’t that hard, was it?

Make a wall count if you like. It helped me a lot!

Focus on one thing

This is really important now if you want to successfully create a new, positive habit: don’t try to start 100 new things at once. Concentrate on one thing that you go through consistently for 30 days. Only then should you make further changes in your life.

Trust me, focus is a superpower that each of us can use for ourselves. It will be much easier for you if you only do one thing in the first place. You do it with full emphasis and therefore with success.

Determine how difficult it is for you to stop exercising

Your 30 days are over, and you did it. Congratulations, you’ve created a good new habit!

Of course, not everything goes well by itself. However, it will now be much easier for you to keep pulling. You may even feel internal resistance if you want to break your new habit.

Psychology has determined that about 30 days is the time it takes to learn a new habit, quit an old habit, or change habits in general. Of course, you can get used to a good habit just as quickly. But now you know what to do to prevent this from happening, and getting used to habits is even easier than creating them.

Create a habit – try it!

As you can see, it’s actually not that hard to defeat your inner bastard and gain control over him in the long run. After trying it, you will probably find that it is even easier than you thought. By building one positive habit after another in this way, you will quickly realize that you don’t need as much discipline as others would like you to.

Of course, first you need to find a goal for which it is worth changing your life. But once you do, it’s easier for you to develop good habits, and you’ll simply increase your stamina.

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