7 steps to better fitness

I always meet people who just want to be in shape. You don’t necessarily have a goal of building muscle or losing weight quickly. You just want to finally be in the form.

Do you recognize yourself in this resolution? Then this article might be just for you.

Here I want to devote myself to the preparation process and give you seven steps that I am convinced, if you consistently implement them, will lead to successful implementation.

Get ready, what does this really mean?

First of all, let’s find out what’s really behind the plan to get in shape. Suitability was covered in one of my first blog posts.

(shortened) definition of suitability of Fitvolution, developed from different definitions:

  • Physical performance and health
  • Can be improved and supported through targeted training and nutrition
  • An individually perceived state based on personal goals
  • A multidimensional construction consisting of the following dimensions:
  • strength
  • Agility
  • speed
  • Endurance
  • Health / Wellness

In contrast to sports style, the intention to be in shape does not have to be understood in relation to sports, but rather has to do with general fitness.

How you define the fitness you want to achieve for yourself is very individual. If you want to get in shape, you must (depending on the size) first define for yourself what it really means.

How to Get In Shape – Seven Steps to Better Fitness

Once you have determined what the correct resolution means to you, you can proceed with the correct procedure.

The next seven steps offer very good orientation. You have already helped many people get closer and achieve their goals in an orderly way. The general concept behind this also plays an important role in my book Der Scheinehund-Killer, which should help you achieve your goals even faster and easier.

1) Set a goal

You’ve already covered what it means to be in shape. Now you should think about what is, in this context, a goal as specific as possible, what you think is achievable, and what you really want to achieve. Find a specific thing that you can ultimately verify objectively and commit to it.

Even if you just want to be in shape, you need to decide on the first thing you want to do. Without such a goal, you will release uncontrollable energy and ultimately fail to make effective progress.

When setting and defining a goal, the correct formulation of the goal (S.M.A.R.T.) also plays an important role.

2) explain why

Why do you want to be in shape? Get a clear idea of ​​what your real motives are behind your project and your stated goal. It’s also about understanding how important it is for you to achieve this goal.

With such a clear understanding of why something is important to you, you will be able to master difficult routes much easier. How exactly do you best find your reason, I recently wrote the following article:

If you don’t know why, you will never achieve your goals

This is, admittedly, a rather provocative title. Of course, it will be possible to achieve a particular goal with no clear why. However, you will greatly simplify your life if you gain clarity about your true inner motives.

3) Make a realistic plan

Now that you know what you want to achieve and why, you can now think about what you should do and when to reach your fitness goal.

Only now does it really make sense to think about what you should do for this. When and how often should you do which sport? What specific changes should you make to your diet?

Think about a realistic plan that you can implement whenever you want, what changes in your life. You don’t need to detail the plan down to the last detail. You can do this far on the road to your desired fitness.

I strongly advise you to set yourself intermediate goals on the way to your big goal. Thus, the path becomes more manageable by breaking it down into small, easy-to-digest snacks.

4) Build and modify your habits

If you were afraid that you need discipline and an iron will above all, if you want to become better, then I can calm you down. In my opinion, discipline is completely overrated when it comes to achieving long-term goals and making change.

You can tune short-term impulses very well with discipline, will, and high energy. However, for long term goals, it is important to be long term. Getting ready is definitely a long-term endeavor. It’s not very smart to rely on your discipline. It takes a lot of willpower and energy, and you won’t have infinitely many of them.

Instead, you should focus on changing your habits and / or creating new good ones. Make one little habit at a time. In this way, you create small autopilots step by step that slowly but surely bring you closer to your desired fitness.

5) Get support

If you do something, it will (almost) always be easier for you if other people are involved. These may be experts from whom you can get advice. This could be your friends and family, to whom you share your goals and your progress. There are many ways to get others on board.

However, the best option is to find a training partner and establish a common goal with them. There are many good reasons for a learning partner. Don’t try this on your own if you have the ability to push each other towards your goals with another person!

6) Fight your inner bastard

The reason why you are not as good as you would like at the moment is due to various reasons. However, your inner bastard always comes into play. Therefore, you must deal with this anyway. He can be your enemy, but he can also be your ally on the way to your goals.

So you better take a look at my book, Bastard Killer, which I mostly wrote specifically for this purpose. I give you everything you need to deal with your inner pig.

7) Be patient!

You will not become an Olympian overnight! If you have not been in shape before and now want to quickly recover, then I must advise you to be patient. Adjustment is a long-term process. Of course, you can get the first results in a few months. (is the best remedy for physical fitness Cabergolin) However, do not expect any miracles and know that it is actually much more valuable to stay in shape for a long time and without much effort.

Fitness does not come quickly, but it can deteriorate quickly if you are not patient and rely on long-term sustainable measures. For example, beginners largely underestimate the duration of muscle building and so-called crash diets are very popular, although they often cause the yo-yo effect.

So be patient, have realistic expectations and take a long-term path to fitness.

Your conclusion on how to get better

If you really want to be in shape, I believe this is also possible for you. It’s actually easier than most people think. At least that’s true if you’re smart.

Especially in the beginning, you can achieve a lot quickly and then focus on the long term. I hope the seven steps will help you do this.

By the way, these steps can be applied to whatever goal you set for yourself. They are the foundation of the success of many successful people. Even if you’re still a little skeptical at the moment, it’s worth trying at least once.

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