How to set goals if you want to lose weight (and not just lose weight)

Often, in order to achieve a goal, one has to find his or her true motivation. When a person figures out the “why”, all the difficulties arising in the process of achieving a goal no longer seem insurmountable. We publish a chapter from Maxim Kuderov’s book 9 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss.

What are your goals? This question often puzzles people, but if you’re reading this guide now, you’ve certainly got some weight loss, health and exercise goals in mind.

Usually there are several goals and aspirations for yourself, but they can be broken down into three categories:

  • Lose weight / look great without clothes. You want to reduce your fat percentage (and/or build muscle mass) and feel comfortable in your body.
  • Be healthy. For example, your doctor has told you that if you don’t take up a healthy lifestyle, you’ll feel worse or increase your risk of serious illness.
  • Being happy. You’re looking for a way to achieve the first two points without hating the process with all your heart. Better yet, enjoy it.

Of course, nothing will stop you from pursuing all the goals at once. And that’s fine, given that they are interconnected. In fact, that’s what we suggest – let’s do all three! You just need to order steroids here

Let’s start with an important step – find within yourself and become aware of all the motives why you are here. Because, let’s be honest, it’s not an easy path and there will be many temptations to slip away. What’s important is the true motivation, the real and honest reason that gives you the energy to change.

You don’t really just want to ‘lose weight’, ‘lose weight’ or ‘get in shape’. Look for an underlying motive. For instance, you want to ‘like yourself’ so you can ‘finally start seeing someone after a bad break up’ or one of your parents died because of ill health, you don’t want to repeat that journey and you plan to stay close to your loved ones and children longer.

Dig deeper to find a reason that will give you the strength to do things, will pull you through the difficult moments.

We can help you. To do so, do this exercise – fill in the questionnaire. Stay alone with yourself, breathe out, take a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing. Try to listen to yourself and start to form your goals. Simply, clearly, honestly, for yourself. Be specific.

For example:

“I want to lose 10 kg”, “I want a trim body”, “I want to fit into my favourite dress, which I haven’t been able to do for years”.

The list should be related to weight loss, lifestyle, nutrition, it can be long or consist of a single item – that’s good enough too. Now answer yourself the question below.

What will happen for you, how will your life change when you achieve these goals?

This is where the real motivations lie. What will “losing 10kg” give you? What will enable you to fit into “that dress”? Who are you doing it for – yourself, family or a loved one?

Take your time, imagine that you’ve achieved it, and answer yourself honestly: what kind of change are you looking for? Spend at least 20-30 minutes, and maybe even a few days, to dig deep within yourself and write out everything that comes up. And the more and deeper you work through this point, the better your chances of achieving your goals!

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

Be realistic about determining what you are willing to do. Are you willing to count calories, control your diet, how much time are you willing to invest in training?

“I’m ready to control my diet.” Fine!

“I can and will work out for 4 days for an hour at a time.” Great!

“I’m a young mum with two jobs and can only train once a week at the gym and a couple more workouts a week at home.” Great!

Write down your goals, your true motivations and what you are willing to do to achieve them. You’ll come back to them a few more times as the book progresses.

Reflect, think, write down – important steps. Don’t throw this record away! Pin it up so that you have it in front of you! Or at least remember where you put it.

You have already taken the first important step, and be sure that it will work out. When you’re struggling and want to give it all up, re-read your goals and be inspired by them anew. They will save you and energise you to overcome.

A little bonus! Another added motivation is this guide itself, which you’ve spent money on, which means you take those words more seriously. Such an uncomplicated way gives you already a motivation advantage over those who happen to get it for free!

Now that you know why you are here, let’s get down to the big theoretical part. Please do not take any steps to lose weight or change your diet
before you’ve finished this part and begun the nine steps.

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