Exercises to build muscle mass

Unlike complex basic exercises, individual muscle groups must be concentrated in the exercises during strength training. The goal is to maximize training and therefore stimulate growth in the muscle concerned.

Individual exercises usually only pass through one joint and are often stabilized externally. Muscle movement support, other than aid or stabilization, is largely excluded. Therefore, performance is mainly driven by the target muscles.

Exercises can be performed with weights, machines or also with ropes.

Even when training with your own body weight or with several Tera groups, it is very possible to perform individual exercises. With a sling trainer, on the other hand, it is not so easy because this device is designed for functional training and the stabilizers are the same as always.

What are the benefits of exercise?

First of all: I am a great friend of classic basic exercises like squats, bench press and barbell. convinced that you should always base your training planning on these exercises. However, I also know that exercise has several advantages over basic exercise. Therefore, it makes sense to understand them in order to understand how to properly complement the workout with separate exercises.

1) Targeted muscle wasting

In addition to getting the right reps, weights, and breaks between sets, muscle wasting also plays a role in muscle growth. When you do difficult exercises, your strong muscles cannot be completely depleted. This is because other muscles are involved in movements that are depleted faster. The weakest link in your muscle chain is your limiting factor. The muscles you want to stimulate are the stronger muscles.

Training these muscles separately makes it possible to train them correctly. If you are targeting muscles this way, you may have had sore muscles for a long time. In this case, a little muscle soreness to build muscle might make sense. Pamper yourself with enough break to allow your muscles to recover. Over time, your muscles will also get used to the exercise.

2) Set target training priorities

There may be certain muscles that you would especially like to develop in training. Relatively small muscles such as the arm muscles that are used as accessory muscles in basic exercises can be specifically addressed.

Depending on which deficiency you have or which muscles you attach particular importance to, you must choose the right exercises. For example, I don’t know a person who doesn’t do biceps exercises in the gym. If you do, please do me a favor and train your triceps. This potentially doubles the size of your forearms.

3) Improving intramuscular coordination

Targeted use of exercise can also lead to improved intramuscular coordination (= muscle fiber interaction in muscles). The targeted response of an individual muscle provides a higher rate of activation of individual muscle fibers in the muscle than with more complex exercises. This can lead to a faster increase in strength with that muscle.

Therefore, if you have a muscle that limits you to certain exercises, it makes sense to train it to get stronger. This also applies if it is not necessary for you on your priority list. For example, the muscles in the forearm are often the limiting factor in stretching exercises.

Even the abdominal muscles and core muscles are not specially trained. It is used in all basic body stabilization exercises. Therefore, it also makes sense to train your abdominal muscles.

Use exercises correctly for strength training

It is best to use the exercises in conjunction with complex basic exercises to build muscle. You should always prioritize basic exercises. In theory, you can train all the muscles you want to train as much as possible, but that doesn’t make sense.

The time would be huge if you tried to train as many muscles as possible. In addition, individual strength training exercises are also not very functional, muscle interaction is not considered, and the cardiovascular system cannot benefit from strength training. The overall load on the body is simply not great enough.

The release of hormones in exercise is also significantly lower than in basic exercise. This is why you should definitely do basic exercise to stimulate the body’s own growth hormones.

However, the benefits mentioned above apply, making these exercises an ideal complement to basic exercises. It is best to do the main exercise first and then target the targeted muscles that are being used. For example, pull-ups and barbell rowing are performed first, followed by curls of the biceps.

This allows you to optimally combine the benefits of basic exercise with the benefits of exercise.

how often you should exercise

Basically, you can also do exercises with each of your workouts. There is no reason why you should limit the frequency. Of course, it’s important that you get enough regeneration between workouts. However, this also applies to the main exercises.

Personally, I am a friend of similar workouts, which are held several times a week. So here you will be doing each exercise on the same training day. However, there is nothing against different exercises on different training days. For example, if you have more time for your upper body workout on Monday than for your next upper body workout on Thursday, then it might make sense to skip some of the exercises on Thursday. Of course, it’s important that you still have enough volume to train your muscles.

how many exercises you should do

How many exercises in your strength training is completely individual. It depends on your goals, your timing and your training plan.

As mentioned earlier, I don’t think exercise is absolutely necessary. So if, for example, you only have time to work out two or three times a week, and then you can only spend one hour, then you should fully focus on the core exercises.

The best muscle building exercises

Below is a very subjective selection of exercises that I personally prefer to do. I have selected my favorite exercise for the most important muscle groups I train. I wrote my own article on the best abdominal exercises.

For chest: butterfly

The butterfly (or flying) is a very effective exercise for targeting and depleting the chest muscles when done correctly. The following illustration shows the butterflies on the cable. This is also my favorite option, thanks to which the muscles on the butterfly machine. I regularly trade the two for each other.

Isolationsübungen für Deinen Muskelaufbau - Butterfly

For back and back shoulder: Butterfly Reverse

I prefer doing opposite exercises for the back and back shoulder. This can also be done either on the device or transversely on the cable. I also enjoy doing the exercise with Thera Band along the way. This exercise is especially beneficial for the trapezius muscles and therefore for a healthy posture.

Be sure to keep your head in a neutral position while doing the exercise and (as always) do not work with impulse.

For Biceps: Bicep Curls

One of the most popular exercises is the bicep curl. Of course, I always have a variation on this exercise in my training plan. Biceps can be especially good when training on a Scott bench. If the shoulders are at rest and only the forearms are moving, the biceps are activated very well and the accessory muscles are hardly used.

Isolationsübungen für Deinen Muskelaufbau (<a href=https://steroide24.com/shop/peptidpraparate/muskelaufbau-produkte) – Bizeps Curls auf der Scott Bank” />

Triceps: French Press / Nosebreaker

My favorite triceps exercise is the French press. and I love the informal name for this exercise “Nosebreaker”. I don’t know of anyone who has ever broken their nose, but with heavy weight, a trusted training partner still helps.

When moving, the upper arms should not move and should be held at a 90 degree angle to the floor in order to hit the triceps as much as possible. It’s really not easy at all, especially with a heavier weight. Imagine pushing your elbows all the time.

Isolationsübungen für Deinen Muskelaufbau - French Press aka Nosebreaker

For the calf muscles: calf lift

I can’t help but the small calf muscles grow smaller and smaller compared to the thigh muscles. For this reason, I should always do the calf exercise on leg day. The choice is really small, and it always comes down to one or another option for raising the calf.

If there is an additional machine for this, I use it. However, the calf muscles can also do very well with the leg press. To do this, you simply have to keep your knees still and move your calf muscles only from slight hyperextension to maximum contraction.

Leg Curl: Leg Curls

In my opinion, leg curls are somewhat under-represented in my basic leg exercises, deadlifts and squats, so I also train leg curls. My favorite activity is to train my leg and one leg on a leg curl machine.

Sports greetings

And don’t forget: your health is your health.

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