Define your muscles with the right diet

A beautiful, defined body that everyone probably would like to have. Especially in the summer you would also like to show your best shape on the beach, lake or outdoor pool. But how to achieve such a specific body as efficiently as possible? What should you do if you want to define your muscles? I would like to answer these questions for you in this article.

Of course, you decide how specific you want to be. Since Fitvolution never goes to extremes and your health is always our priority, the rules below apply to anyone looking to define their muscles. They apply to both men and women. However, aspiring competitive bodybuilders are unlikely to find the advice they need.

In this article, I will introduce you to the most important rules you should know about if you want to define your muscles. I will briefly discuss the requirements for nice, defined muscles, the right types of workouts, and the right nutrition. Finally, I would also like to clarify some of the things that are sometimes recommended in connection with the topic of muscle definition, but which are best avoided.

First build, then define

If you want to have certain muscles, you must first build the muscles. Without trained muscles, you will lose weight when you lose weight, but you will not be able to detect clearly visible muscles through diet.

By the way, this also applies to the abdominal muscles. If you want a truly noticeable six-pack, it’s not enough just to lose weight if you don’t have trained abdominal muscles. If you want six packs, I have several abdominal exercises with which you can effectively train your abdominal muscles can be combined into one article.

If you want to lose weight now, you have few muscles and you want to have an athletic body, you can also take a few steps in this direction on a diet. However, you shouldn’t expect too much from this. Losing fat and building muscle at the same time is only possible for a short time only for beginners and people with very high body fat and very low muscle percentages.

In this case, I recommend that you first achieve weight loss through diet. Then you can use targeted muscle building workouts and proper mass nutrition to gain a few pounds of muscle in the next few months. Then you can deal with the excess fat that you have accumulated. This is how you achieve the body that most people want.

First you must build muscle so that you can effectively define your muscles.

Identify your muscles – the right type of training

Contrary to persistent rumors, this endurance workout is not the most effective workout when it comes to keeping your muscles as precise as possible. This type of training does not lead to more fat loss and does not help you effectively maintain solid muscle mass. On the contrary, you even contribute to the loss of muscle volume with this type of training.

If you want to define your muscles, you should focus primarily on muscle preservation. In your diet, your body tries to reduce unnecessary energy consumers first. To keep your body from getting the impression that your muscle mass may be overweight, you must maintain it with strength training. The so-called hypertrophy training.

If you train a lot with maximum strength, you may be able to contribute to an even greater visibility with more muscle fiber activation. However, this should not be critical for most people and is not necessarily optimal for diet.

In addition to the fact that strength training for endurance and maximum strength training do not help you if you want to define your muscles, they are very useful types of training that you should consider when planning your workouts for the long term.

Identify muscles – proper nutrition

You should know that the most important thing in muscle definition is nutrition. Because eventually your muscles will become more visible when your body fat percentage drops. Therefore, if you want to define your muscles, you should focus on losing weight or reducing the percentage of body fat.

First of all, you must consume fewer calories than your body consumes. Ultimately, you have to decide what type of diet or long term dietary changes are right for you. For me personally, as a low-carb, the easiest way is to reduce carbs and eat less (presumably) unhealthy foods. By the way, I always allow myself vegetables and fruits as you please.

If you want to lose weight slowly or go on a crash diet, you should always provide your body with the most important nutrients. So, especially when losing weight, make sure you eat enough protein (nobody wants a protein deficiency) and enough good fats (especially omega-3 fatty acids). In terms of micronutrients, you should also eat as many colorful fruits and vegetables as possible. You don’t need most supplements. However, some may be useful as a complement.

Identify muscles – what you should keep your hands away from

In this last section, I want to inform you of some (alleged) remedies that should help you define muscles, but you should better keep them away from them. Many of the miracles that are offered to you in this context do not actually help you get closer to your goal. First of all, they help manufacturers and sellers make money.

In the worst case, these things are not only ineffective, but even unhealthy. So be with things like fat burning pills always inform yourself carefully and thoroughly before buying or taking anything. Most products in this area are not recommended at all. Either the sky is promised and the effectiveness is very low or absent, or the products can be really dangerous. I am always amazed at what the stores are selling.

You should also refrain from fancy (electronic) tutorials. I have long fallen in love with this electronic abdominal trainer. These things really don’t get you anything. Popular belly belts are also a waste of money. They only make you sweat more in the belly area. Due to the loss of water, everything looks like something has brought.

The so-called drainage agents are especially dangerous. You will find something about this on various pages when it comes to keeping your muscles as lean and defined as possible. However, these funds are no joke. They are used purposefully by bodybuilders and stars to look as short as possible for competition and shooting. Taken incorrectly or over a long period of time, side effects can be very harmful to your health. So stay away from that!

Avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous “aids”

Your conclusion for specific muscles

Defining your muscles is quite possible. If you pay attention to your diet (calorie deficit!) And exercise your muscles regularly and correctly (no endurance!). Of course, it’s important that you build the muscles that can be identified first. By the way, this also applies to the abdominal muscles.

What seems too good to you to be true is probably too. Don’t let ineffective or even dangerous things gossip just because you can’t walk fast enough. You’d better take your time and make long-term progress that you can be proud of.

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